Story Collective

Corporate film

PostNL is the leading mail and parcels company in the Benelux. The company invested in infrastructure for delivering packages under the banner of innovation, reliability and personal service.

Story Collective developed a concept where the entire delivery process is tracked. At every moment in this process PostNL is aware what the exact location of the package is. Based on that idea, Story Collective produced this film in a Dutch and English version.

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Film Production

PostNL’s film was shot in three days, at more than ten different locations throughout the country. Quite the challenge, because PostNL’s intricate logistical delivery process cannot be disturbed. Animated graphics, voice over, sound design, color grade and original composed music were added in post-production.

PostNL shows the film to potential clients (webshops etc.) to give them insight in the complete delivery process. Representatives will show the film at business events, seminars and sales meetings. The movie will also be shown during guided tours at the depots.

Film Production