Story Collective


IJsfontein develops apps for playful digital learning, based on the belief that people are naturally curious and motivated to develop themselves. Examples of their work include a serious game to train medical staff, interactive experiences for museums or cross-platform digital methodology for primary education.

This film is about ‘Museumkids’, IJsfontein’s price winning multi platform app boosting arts and culture among the youth.

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Playful Learning

Story Collective made a series of films that showcased the most important projects by IJsfontein. In two minutes the viewer is up to date on the essence of the projects, so IJsfontein can easily show potential clients what their area of expertise is. The films consist of interviews with the project leaders combined with game footage.

In this film, IJsfontein’s cooperation with publisher Malmberg in creating these games for primary schools is shown. IJsfontein is market leader in creating educative games for primary school teaching.

Project: Delirium Experience

This film is about a game in which hospital nurses are educated on how to deal with people that experience a delirium.