Story Collective

DR Congo

Story Collective makes films for NGO’s about several causes. We have experience producing in ‘difficult’ countries, like Yemen, Colombia, Haïti and in this case DR Congo. In the film, three different local languages are spoken.

In war-torn Eastern Congo, Sports4Hope aims to bring endurable peace through the reconciliation of ethnic communities through sports and peace education. Sports4Hope is active in the Ituri region in the villages of Bogoro, Vilo and Kagaba. In each village, a different local language is spoken.

Story Collective made a film about the mission of Sports4Hope. The film is used to show existing and aspiring donors in the United States the activities of the organization. The film was also delivered in a version subtitled in French.

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In two days we filmed the entire project thanks to a successful cooperation with our translator Daniel Mugisa Choro. After the shoot he transcribed the entire interviews into English, after which our editor could easily select the relevant quotes.

The film was also delivered with French subtitles.

On the picture two boys in a store in Bunia, the regional capital of the Ituri district.