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Fairtransport intents to make freight transport across the oceans environmental friendly, being the world’s first zero emission shipping company. This film was made during a journey on the Atlantic Ocean. The interview with co-captain Jorne Langelaan was recorded later in the city of Den Helder.

Fairtransport’s goal is the ‘Green Shipping Revolution’: cargo shipping over sea without harmful emissions.

In 2010 the organization just started sailing when Maarten Kal and Ina van Beek went along on the maiden voyage of sailing ship Tres Hombres.

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Adventure Out At Sea

Initally we went along to shoot the documentary How Captain Longhair Saved the World. We ended up creating three promotional films for the organization. After three months of sailing we suffered damage and stranded at a fishing village in the Dominican Republic, where we shot this rum commercial. Together with the local villagers, captain Andreas Lackner is seen in this commercial.

Since 2010 every year a shipload of Tres Hombres rum is being shipped, and this has not gone unnoticed: in 2014 they won the first prize at the Berlin Rum Festival in the category 15 years and older. Definitely worth a try!


Fairtransport takes paying crew members along on their journeys with the Tres Hombres to teach them the art of sailing, and also partly to fund the mission. In this video aspiring sailors are requested to apply for the adventure of a lifetime.

Parts of these films have been broadcasted in The Netherlands, France and Germany