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Captain Longhair

How Captain Longhair saved the world is a film about a unique man’s mission.

When the big earthquake hits Haiti in January 12, 2010, Captain Arjen van der Veen decides to load his sailing cargo vessel Tres Hombres with aid supplies.

He sets sail from Holland to cross the Atlantic with a crew of eleven, on a journey to help the people of Haiti. On board they bring a mix of aid supplies; pick axes, diapers, a scooter and even teddy bears.

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‘The people in Haiti need our goods, that’s why we have to sail as fast as possible’ Captain Arjen van der Veen tells his crew. But in the never-ending waters, boredoms strikes and the good intentions of their heroic mission elaborate in heated discussions about the nearing end of the world. Does the Captain know what he is fighting for?

The film (45 minuten) is directed by Maarten Kal en Ina van Beek and was broadcasted by HollandDoc in September 2012.

The film is online available upon request.