Story Collective

Brand Overview

Since 2012 Story Collective creates all branded content for A.Vogel, the Swiss producer of herbal medicines. Working together over the years has resulted in the development of a video marketing strategy that we now execute internationally.

By creating templates for concepts, videos and design, Story Collective has provided and protected a universal brand identity. The film here shows the brand A.Vogel, one of the first projects we collaborated on. The film was adapted to show in over twelve countries.

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Online Commercials

We love to make online commercials, like we did for Prostasan, a product for urinary symptoms of an enlarged prostate and for the supplement Molkosan Fruit. By adapting package shots, graphics and voice-over we can make these films available for all A.Vogel’s markets.

The commercial was promoted online through targeted pre-roll advertising on YouTube, reaching an audience of over 400.000. Later, the commercial was adapted into nine other languages.

Fresh Herbs

In the Fresh Herbs video Dr. Andy Suter shows why fresh plants work better than dried ones. This is one of A.Vogel’s unique selling points.

The video was recorded with autocue in English, German and French and used online as well as to support A.Vogel’s international sales activities.

Spring Detox

A.Vogel uses video content internationally on multiple levels: besides online commercials they use the content for educative films to inform doctors and pharmacy employees and branded content to support social media campaigns.

On the left, the promo video for the Spring Detox. Every year, Story Collective produces a series of cooking videos for A.Vogel Lentekuur, which has over 20.000 enthusiastic participants each year. By incorporating active buttons in video and YouTube player, the viewer is directed to the campaign on the A.Vogel website.

Product Films

We also created a series of product films for A.Vogel’s website with information on their herbal medicines. The format always follows their philosophy: providing information on natural health and how A.Vogel’s products can add to this.

The film series was shot over the summer of 2014 with presenters from Belgium, Canada, The Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom and Switzerland. Through a uniform concept it was possible to keep the costs down.