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A.Vogel - Molkosan Fruit

We created this film for A.Vogel to promote the new introduced variety of Molkosan Fruit. Molkosan Fruit is a drink concentrate which offers a tasty way to support healthy digestion. As well as the added benefit of calcium, Molkosan Fruit is further enriched and naturally sweetened with delicious aronia berry and pomegranate juices as well as stevia, for a unique, refreshing and fruity flavor for smoothies.

The video was used as a targeted pre-roll advertisement on YouTube, and with over 400.000 views this online commercial was a huge success.

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Multiple Versions

After creating the Dutch version Story Collective created versions of this commercial for Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Great Britain, Slovenia and Switzerland.

For each version the voice-over, package shot and graphics were adapted. In Denmark the product has a different name, which led to adapting the label in every shot with Valleforce Berry.

Concept of a Healthy Lifestyle

The concept for his commercial links a healthy and energetic lifestyle to the A.Vogel product, an idea developed by Story Collective in cooperation with A.Vogel’s office in The Netherlands.

The actrice is A.Vogel employee Hetty Crèvecoeur. She works as a blogger and nutrition specialist for A.Vogel and also presents health programs on Dutch television (RTL4) and the A.Vogel Lentekuur.

On the picture, DOP Michael Greive adjusting lights.

Concept of a Healthy Lifestyle