Story Collective

Alfred Vogel's guide

Story Collective created a concept for Swiss company A.Vogel to translate the philosophy from its founder Alfred Vogel into an exceptional animation film.

Alfred Vogel was a phytotherapist, and believed in the healing powers of nature. We need to follow nature’s example and try and find balance in our lives, by taking responsibility for our own health. When understanding how nutrition and a healthy life are connected, we can come to a healthy, happy and balanced life ourselves.

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Merijn Hos

Artist Merijn Hos was responsible for the illustrations in this film. His brother Jurriaan created the storyboard and animated the drawings to film. By adding original music by composer Rutger Reinders, added sound design and a strong voice-over text the film was ready for publication.

The animation has been viewed more than a million times online.

Merijn Hos

International versions

A.Vogel is active in over 20 countries worldwide, making global branding essential to their brand portfolio. Therefore we made versions of this film spoken in Danish, German, English, Finnish, French, Greek, Italian, Dutch, Servo-Croatian, Spanish and Flemish.

Here you can view a compilation. Can you recognize each language?