Story Collective

Rick Haring

Rick Haring directs voice actors and makes sure that the feeling and the tone of voice perfectly match to the film. Working with voiceover actors is as working with musicians; it’s Rick’s job to make the voice actor feel comfortable and to search for that one magic moment.

Rick has recorded multiple international voices with Story Collective. Also he is responsible for most audio postproduction for Story Collective films.

Rick Haring
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International Voice Actors

Story Collective has demo’s available by voice actors from Bosnia, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Flanders, France, Germany, Great-Britain, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, the United States as well as multiple dialects from Switzerland.

For most of these countries we have different voices and accents available. And if the preferred voice is not there already - or if you’re searching for that special one, we have the resources to find them!

International Voice Actors

Translation of Films

When adapting a film we don’t limit ourselves to just the voiceover. We translate on-screen text, graphics and product shots – and supply subtitles when necessary.

Translating a film is possible in different ways. Often we use a “translation form”, in which the local client can easily fill in translation for voice-over and graphics. If necessary we provide the translation ourselves through our network of experienced translators.

On the left you can view the Norwegian version for A.Vogel’s Echinacea Documentary.

Voice Actors

In this compilation, you can hear the voices of several of our international actors.

Can you recognize each language?