Story Collective

Maarten Kal

Maarten founded Story Collective in 2014 with the aim to unite talented filmmakers in a company that creates videos for international clients. Maarten is the creative director of Story Collective.

Companies and advertising agencies approach Maarten with either existing ideas that they need translated to film, or with the aim to develop an entire new idea or strategy. With each individual project Maarten assembles the right creative team that is the best in putting the ideas into film. Thereby Maarten often is the sole point of contact through the entire creative process.

Maarten Kal
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Maarten studied TV-journalism and visual anthropology at the Universities of Amsterdam, Toronto and Leiden. His academic background and intrinsic curiosity allows him to understand the brand identity and challenges of your company. Getting your story right is essential in creating a successful video marketing strategy.

Before the establishment of Story Collective Maarten worked for years as a freelance director and cinematographer for several video production companies. During the years, Maarten was assigned internationally by clients like Achmea, Akzo-Nobel, ING-Bank, KPN, Unilever and many more. Besides commercial films, Maarten also works as documentary director and cinematographer.

Documentary Film Director

In 2012 Maarten directed a film about a captain that sailed his ship loaded with teddy bears to Haïti to help the children. Once sailing on the ocean, captain and crew forget their initial mission. The documentary was aired at HollandDoc in September 2012. Currently, Maarten is working on two new documentaries, one about a controversial herbal medicine; Iboga: The Forbidden Elixer.

Maarten often works as a documentary cinematographer on films like Socotra: Once and Today, an anthropological music film about the forgotten island between Yemen and Somalia.