Story Collective

Jurriaan Hos

Jurriaan Hos is Story Collective’s preferred motion designer. With his motion graphics, Jurriaan creates a unique world for each of our clients. He often uses character animation, bringing a figure to life and taking the viewer along in the story.

With Story Collective, Jurriaan has worked on numerous A.Vogel projects, one in which he completely refreshed their video branding with animation.

Jurriaan Hos
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Motion Design

Jurriaan’s creations are very strong because he can create multiple aspects of the animation process. He has excellent skills in developing the concept, storyboard, overall style and animation.

He created A.Vogel’s Guide to Leading a Healthy and Happy Life. A moodfilm in which the philosophy of the company is described in a beautiful animation.


Jurriaan works in many different styles. The styke is determined by wishes of our clients, like an existing corporate style or what best fits the story.From hand-drawn to 3D animation, Jurriaan has done it all.



It can be very attractive to add animation to video images in a lay-over. An example of this is the film Story Collective created for PostNL. Jurriaan’s animations explain the meticulous delivery process and enhances PostNL’s message to her customers.

On this project Jurriaan worked closely with our director and editor, making it possible for different workflows to connect.